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Core Lessons are highly condensed 5-8 minute videos that cover various topics such as finding one’s purpose, radical honesty, human needs theory, positive habit forming, comfort zone crushing and much more. These videos will be delivered to you in addition to the weekly Kindness Challenge videos.


Core Lesson 1 – Kindness Equals Happiness

As it turns out happiness rests on two pillars – meaning, and every day positive emotions, both of which are surprisingly easy to understand and achieve. Learn how consistent small positive interactions accumulate to a higher levels of overall happiness.

Who Are We?

Why Are We Doing This?

Dekel Berenson

Dekel Berenson


Originally from Israel, and after travelling around the world for five years, I’ve recently settled down in London. I previously lived in Budapest & New York and I’ve done my Master’s degree in International Relations and European studies. My hobbies include paragliding, sailing, salsa dancing, writing about myself in the 1st person rather than the 3rd person, practising Radical Honesty and yearly visits to Black Rock City. Visit my person website here, or read about my first short film The Girls Were Doing Nothing here. For an interview in the Huffington Post, click here.

Joel Radley

Joel Radley


I am a Londoner who loves to travel, read, dance, flute and eat organic. I have an Infatuation with the east, leading me to study Japanese since I was 19  & worked in fashion in Tokyo. Quit my job, now working freelance, worried about my own prospects, why not also focus outwards & see what happens? 

We’ve been studying Personal Development and Spirituality for years. Spirituality teaches us to look within for insight into the workings of the mind which keeps us imprisoned in endless craving, suffering and lack. Personal Development covers activities that improve awareness, develop talents, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations, often materialistic. One philosophy preaches fulfilment through self maximization, the other enlightenment through minimization. One promotes happiness through action, the other through meditation. One originates in the West, the other deeply rooted in the East.

But on one point both the Entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley and the Yogis of India agree: we are social creatures who are part of a vast network, sharing a common history and future, connected by mutual needs hopes and dreams. And we are usually so busy perusing our own personal growth that we forget connecting with anyone who isn’t an immediate friend, co-worker or family. Kindness 365 is an attempt to promote involvement in our immediate community, with one simple small act of kindness at a time, as a reminder that on our pointless journey towards self achievement and enlightenment, we are not alone.


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